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Overview of Driver On Demand

Whose the author?

Andrew Luecke, a 3rd year computer science student at Monash University in victoria, Australia.. He can be contacted on the Sourceforge project page for Driver On Demand. Still looking for a job if anyone has any going ..

Is there anyway I can help?

Not directly related to coding at the moment.. You could however encourage the developers at the linux hotplug project to make changes to their code to allow a fallback if no driver is found to a specified program instead of just failing.. Also inform companies like nvidia, ATI and people who make linux drivers, of our existance so they can support the linuxdriver standard now, so that maybe as early as 1 or 2 months, we can have the most common devices with linux drivers working, and being handled directly by the vendors themselves.. Otherwise, The only other ways you can help is send donations of either hardware, or/and money (which will be mainly used for new hardware, and will allow me to spend more time on the project and get alpha 2 out, which if I get access to firewire, pci express systems and some USB devices, will allow me to support the full range of devices in, if they are donated.. (If no one donates, then its unlikely alpha 2 will be out until a long time, because I need access to more hardware to release it). Read the helping out link for specific

One More thing you can do is code a pure perl clone of XML::schema::validator for me.. The current one needs xerces which is a pain.. That would make driver on demand even easier to install.

I have some cool ideas can I send you some patches?

At this point of time, driver on demand is constantly evolving (alpha 2 will need a few critical changes to allow generic buses).. Sorry, but please save your time at the moment.. when the project reaches a beta state, then i'll start accepting patches etc

Ha, take that, I found a bug. What do you want me to do with it?

Nothing at the moment.. I am aware of a long list of bugs, which mainly stem from the XML validator probs. When XML validation is reenabled for alpha 2 it will be alot harder to find bugs. Please restrain yourself from posting bug reports at the moment, because most of the known bugs will be fixed within 2 weeks..

Isn't this like Kudzu?

No, nothing like it.. Kudzu only uses preinstalled drivers, Driver On Demand can download drivers when they aren't available, and it does so automatically.

Are the driver definitions a new format the kernel can use directly?

NO.. It doesn't define a new format.. The driver definitions are just a list of known binaries/source/package files to download, and a way to use them, and what kind of loading system they need.

Are you some kind of idiot?? This is going to lead to security problems

WRONG.. Because the system can automatically check the signatures and validity of the files they get (its rare most people normally do that).. The keys can always be easily set tagged as compromised by the owners (or invalidated by the keyserver admin), and the files can be taken offline.. There are many more ways to handle infected files automatically, so its really no security risk, provided you use secure keyservers and secure driver on demand servers.

When is Alpha 2 coming out

The sooner I get access to the hardware I need, the sooner alpha 2 comes out (I already have a theoretical way to implement different buses well). So, if you work at AMD, or Intel or elsewhere with easy access to hardware, please consider sending some so I can fully support it sooner. It could be as early as 2 or 3 weeks if I get the hardware quickly.. Its as simple as this, if I cant test the different buses because I cant afford any hardware to test it with.. Then it wont come out... I really dont want that to happen though :(

Why is this website so plain

Because it was written in 3 hours.. sorry

Do you have a driver on demand server up yet

Yep, go to the servers page for details..

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