Pre Alpha2

New Website design: My eyes hurt from this design.. Make the driver on demand page look nicer, so people actually want to visit.

Add a Linux Hardware certified page: This page will simply list companies that always put a lot of effort into getting linux support. This could also be a good selling point for smaller hardware companies, who need to compete. By developing high quality linux drivers they will get recognition for doing so... Maybe we should also create a logo for the specified companies to use to certify linux friendly companies. The logo thing is probably better left to people like Linus and a joint group established by many different distribution founders.

Make a nice driver wizard: We need a webbased wizard for adding drivers that plugs directly into the server.. It also must allow driver signing by clients, and be easy enough to use that mostly everyone can do it

Make more packages: An ebuild has already been made, but we should try to get RPM's, zero install and other install packages up. It would be cool if we had a way to do the Nessus-like install method (lynx -source | sh). Should be easy to do..

Needed for Alpha2

Switch from lspci to sysfs: Removing the lspci code, while it will kill kernel 2.4 autoinstalling support (which is pretty much dead anyway), it will make it a lot more generic, and allow me to more easily move to USB/PCI express support and other buses

FULL PCI-express support: Need a donation of a PCI-EXPress system and hardware to ensure this is done.. I think this is a relatively high priority (more then USB in fact.. because its quicker to implement) and would like to get this working asap, so that pci-express works as easily as it should when it becomes mainstream.

USB support (and firewire too maybe): Would be nice to get these two working.. Not sure how well firewire works with hotplugging though (need some devices to test).

Fully Generic driver commands: We need to make the drivers more generic.. Add a prepend command, merge generalcases and distrospecific together, as well as make it good enough to support any package management, or anything we come across in the near future.

DBUS and Xwindows applet support: Use DBUS to allow other programs to know when we got a driver installed. Then, create a gnome applet which detects when a device is added and tell the user the device name and type of device installed.. Its the start of the visual interface..

Schemas: Lets us check invalid drivers easily.. Mostly coded in, just need to check it

Next few releases

Automated testing in User mode Linux: In the near future (provided that theres enough sponsoring etc), I would like to implement UML directly in the server tools so the admins can easily test the drivers in a secure environment.. Maybe we can also use this to sandbox the system enough to more securely install drivers, and possibly allow clients to test drivers.

More security: Add more digital signing controls (so unofficial drivers can be signed). Automated checks (possibly using some more controls to chroot it so it cant delete any files outside the jail).

Full licensing system: To let commercial drivers be installed (will be bugged of course upon install).

Syncing support: tools to let servers safely sync (mess with the server signings etc)

Database interfacing for websites: So people can easily fetch and see drivers in the db