Helping out Driver On Demand

Things generally Needed:
- A server to host the driver profiles on (urgent). I would prefer to admin my own server so I can ensure its secure, and have full control over it..

-Money to support the project and allow me to buy a bigger hard disk to do the stuff I want to do later (UML/sandboxing of distribution specific drivers to analyse them.. for that I need to install many distro setup's at once probably)..

-Money to allow me to spend more time on this project, so i dont need to run off and get a job anytime soon.

- Money/new hardware (urgent) which will allow me to test driver on demand with. I'm looking for anything that works in linux.. preferably stuff like PCI express motherboards/devices, firewire devices, USB devices etc..

- A pure perl XML schema parser.. XML::validator::schema for me had problems the moment I reinstalled perl, so think other people might have problems too.. The interface should be similar to XML::validator::schema though

- Make Vendors aware of Driver On Demand's existance, so they start releasing driver definitions which follow this standard.

- Hang around the IRC channel

- Release Packages for the distributions

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