Driver Lookup Frontend

This interface prevents you from needing to install Driver On Demand to see drivers which are available for devices.. Currently, due to the limitations of alpha version 1, this only works with PCI devices (and PCMCIA). To obtain your vendor ID's and device ID's, use sysfs, driver on demand in non-auto mode, and/or, use LSPCI.

To use LSCPI, you first need the pci slot. To find the pci slot the device the card is in, type lspci -n to get (in order): vendor id, device ID, (revision.. junk), (subvendor ID.. not always available) and subdevice ID (not always available).

This server is online and operational now (thanks to If you dont know any devices, you can look here to see what an example output looks like.

Lookup Device

Subvendor (optional):
Subdevice (optional):