- Kernel 2.6 at least (kernel 2.4 will work.. but cant identify devices with drivers installed).
- Perl 5.8.X
- A computer, and linux..

Download and installing:
-If you are using Gentoo linux, there is a ebuild available here which can be used (praise Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik for the ebuild).

-Otherwise, download Driver On Demand first from here, and decompress it. Run autogen.sh (from console or otherwise).. I recommend that for CPAN, you use manual configuration because the default servers are very slow (1 or 2 kbps). To install from console, use tar xfvj driverondemand-alpha1.tar.bz2, cd driverondemand (to get to the dir), and ./autogen.sh to install..

Afterwoods edit /etc/driverondemand.conf to suit your preferences (you must at least set the servers).

Workaround for Kernel 2.4:
At the moment, kernel 2.4 still works, but in the next alpha, kernel 2.4 support will be non existant. To allow it to work on Alpha 1, edit line 193 of driverondemand.pl, to read:

sub initInstalledDevices {
#FIXME:don't die when preinstalled drivers aren't known

Why doesn't it display anything when run?
Either your not running it as root (you need to), never set up your servers so your using an empty server, or/and running kernel 2.4 with the workaround, in which case the output will appear as:
root@the-node driverondemand # driverondemand.pl --all
root@the-node driverondemand #

Thats caused when it finds no drivers for your devices in the driver database.. Most users will see something like:
root@the-node driverondemand # driverondemand.pl --all
-Theres a driver already installed for 00:04.0.. You
probably dont want us to overwrite it, so we will ignore it.. So, we are
skipping it automatically...

Further Help and Discussion:
We have an irc channel you can get help from possibly, or just discuss Driver on Demand at:
Server: irc.freenode.net
Channel: #driverondemand