Whats the current Status of the project

As of May the 26th, 2004:

Online Lookup: Works.. Lets a user use the web frontend to find a driver for their device so they dont need to install driver on demand

Server Script: fully working.. There is a simple uploading script.. Downloading and processing works! Needs to have sections rewritten to add ratings and more features.. Thats alpha 2 material though.

Client Script: Downloads the drivers off the server, and runs the installation fine.. handles everything but broken file reporting, and and a few file verification checks to prevent vendors signing other vendors drivers.. Also only does RSA-MD5 file at the moment

Hotplugging modification: Doesn't screw up on me, so u can at the very least use it relatively safely (if you have problems, you could just wipe over it with the backup).. You want the newest hotplug though.. Install script (autogen.sh): Working fully.. run in root.. Could be improved though

Digital signing encryption script, and keygen script: Works :) Just theres no delete key, but u can do that manually.. Only does RSA and MD5 at the moment though.

Overall: A working implementation... we probably want to improve encryption and security still.. xml schemas work, but disabled because the library no longer installs on auzy's machine.. Alpha 1 is out, and fully works provided the drivers are well formed and aren't invalid (without XML validation, badly formed drivers will crash it)...